Dru Carpenito | Franchise consulting and advisory
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About Dru

Dru Carpenito is a franchise industry expert who specializes in helping aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals invest in a franchise opportunity that is the ideal fit for their goals and aspirations.


Dru has extensive experience within the franchise industry including executive level positions with two very successful franchise brands where he played an integral part of opening and supporting hundreds of new franchisees around the world. He has a true insider’s perspective of franchising that enables him to provide his candidates with thorough insights and advice as they consider and research franchise ownership.


Dru’s love for franchising is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for helping people achieve their goals and dreams through business ownership.

Free book! How to Research a Franchise in 30 Days

No strings or catches. I’ve compiled 11+ years of franchising experience in this book to be a resource for you and others who are serious about investing in a franchise. I hope it helps you in your journey!

Franchise Advisory and Consulting Service

We offer a free service to people interested in exploring franchising.


Our service begins with identifying our candidate’s ideal business model through a consultation and then matching candidates with franchise concepts that fit their unique model. We then guide candidates through a detailed research process that enables them to make fully informed decisions about investing in a franchise.


Our service starts with a 10-15 minute conversation to discuss whether or not it makes sense to work together. If it does make sense, then we will work with you through a four step process to help you explore franchising that includes:

  • Conducting an individual and confidential consultation
  • Creating a personalized business model
  • Researching and analyzing franchise opportunities
  • Making an informed decision